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Home Energy Surveys

Your roadmap to energy efficent home…

Get 50% Off Your First Report, Limited Time Only

Home Energy Surveys

Your roadmap to energy efficent home…
Get 50% Off Your First Report,
Limited Time Only

Upgrading your Homes Energy Efficiency but not sure where to start….

Upgrading your homes energy efficiency can often be an expensive and daunting prospect

The process is often not simple nor straight forward, engaging many different professionals providing wide ranging and sometimes conflicting advice, so how do you know if this is the right measure for you?

NEAI’s Advisory Reports which involves carrying out a Provisional BER Assessment and Technical Evaluation, clearly sets the most suitable and cost-effective upgrades to carry out and the right order to complete them in, it’s your roadmap to achieving a more comfortable, energy efficient home you have always wanted.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Technology and Software

We use the latest technology and software to carry out our Surveys, Testing, Reporting & and Retrofit Design.

Trained and Certified

Advisors are independantly trained and certified for all the work they carry out and equipment they use.

Objective Assessments & Advise

We base all our advise on sound building physics and certifiable data building physics software.

Accredited Advisors

Our Technical Advisors are fully accreddited with SEAI.

We’ve made it simple

Book Your Survey

Just answer an few questions about your home and received an instant quote, make your payment and include any discount codes you have to get the best deal!

We’ll Make a Date

We’ll schedule your survey on a day that suits you

Provisional BER

We’ll calculate your current BER to accuratley establish where your are starting from?

Technical Evaluation

We’ll complete a Technical Evaluation of the BER Data to establish what upgrades you need to make to achieve your target efficiency rating,

Home Energy Survey Report

We’ll process your test results email you with your detailed NSAI Airtightness Report, usually within 24-48hrs

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